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In The Bird’s Mouth

This Autumn 2018 the CENTRE FOR THE STUDY OF SUBSTRUCTURED LOSS is proud to host international interdisciplinary artists Catherine Bell (AU), Tess Cassidy (UK), Kristen Roles (US), Diane Rosenblum (US), Elyssa Sykes-Smith (AU), and Lauren Altman (US).

The artists in residence used this intensive period to navigate relationships of materiality and meaning, skimming surfaces and dwelling below them to map grieving processes mutably and mutually. In the Bird’s Mouth is the culmination of this time and a point of pause in ongoing praxes.

In To Grieve, Will Daddario engages the metaphor of a Rumi poem to consider malleability and attentiveness in “allowing (oneself) to acquire a new shape” in the wake of loss. Daddario offers, “The answer tucked away here determines that we must let go of questions like how and embrace, instead, ‘this is.’ This is how it is…To scrutinize grief as one observes the bird on the minaret is to locate the secret in the bird’s mouth…Acceptance is the hair that the bird carries.”

Emancipating private and communal reflection on ones’ final resting place; Catherine Bell investigates death as a provocation for creative practice and creative practice as a provocation to discuss death. Through ritual visceral mark making, Tess Cassidy explores a deep embodied loss which cannot be said, and the memories which cannot be remembered; a process which ultimately grapples with the sharing of private, solitary emotions. The work is an act of allowing. In the translation of memories (infinite renegotiations of a finite archive), Kristen Roles is grappling with dissolution as an avenue of constant becoming, and becoming as a form of acceptance. Diane Rosenblum works through grief, replaying conversations with her mother and other family members in the abstract language of her ink brush drawings. Like distilled EKGs, the drawings map the striations of a now vanished territory, recording its reverberations in memory. Questioning the perception and psychology of place Elyssa Sykes-Smith enquires into dissociative experiences, linked to trauma and grief, by utilising sensory exploration and architectural metaphors. Lauren Altman is exploring emotional and physical sites of memory. She is developing new and ongoing insights into processes of loss and looking, finding meaning in active remembrance.

Collectively, through introspection and exchange, we peer into the bird’s mouth.

Works installed and artists present.

Norton Quays, Royal Albert Wharf, London, E16 2QJ
29 NOV 2018 – 6:00pm-9:00pm: Opening Reception
30 NOV 2018 – 12:00noon-10:00pm: Open Gallery
01 DEC 2018 – 12:00noon-10:00pm: Open Gallery
02 DEC 2018 – 10:00am-4:00pm: Open Gallery



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