Holding Space

This Fall the CENTRE FOR THE STUDY OF SUBSTRUCTURED LOSS is proud to host international interdisciplinary artists and researchers Rachel Giles (UK), Jenna Knapp (US), and Nine Yamamoto-Masson (FR-JP).

The three artist-researchers make work that commemorates what is often elided, marginalised, and even pathologised. They strive to articulate in their works a new language, as well as, rituals for their deeply personal and politi- cal resistance against silencing, shaming, erasure and forgetting.

Absence is a common theme in the three works presented: Giles’ paper and textile-based pieces are meditations on infertility and childlessness, Knapp’s reflects on memory and archives the life of a lost loved one, and Yamamoto -Masson’s installation explores the politics of silencing/erasure of the (mostly women) victims of unredressed state violence.
Each artists’ engagement with grief and loss is deeply personal, rigorously forensic, and poetic. Their works echo Audre Lorde: “the transformation of silence into language and action is an act of self-revelation and that always seems fraught with danger.” They understand art as an interface and impulse that can transform silence, break taboos, and commemorate the past, thus opening up possibilities of language, recognition, solidarity, remembrance and justice.

By holding space for those we’ve lost and have never known, we acknowledge the shape we have carved out for them despite their absence.

HOLDING SPACE is a presentation of new works by Rachel Giles, Jenna Knapp and Nine Yamamoto-Masson.

01 DEC 2016: 6-9pm – Opening Reception
02 DEC 2016: 12-6pm – Gallery / 2pm – Artist Talk

Works installed and artists present.

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