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Matters of Lineage
Continual Shift

This Autumn 2017, the CENTRE FOR THE STUDY OF SUBSTRUCTURED LOSS is proud to host international interdisciplinary artists Gina Ricker (US), Annalisa Furnari (IT), Michelle Hall (IE), and Sophie de Vos (NL).

As time unfolds, pathways are continually re-written by experience. Each new understanding reframes how positions are viewed and approached. Points of rest and reflection allow for movement and authorship alongside, within, and in spite of lineage.

In negotiating these applied, perceived, and inherited threads of lineage, structures have been navigated alongside separate and collective experiences of loss. These aspects of knowledge and histories have been untangled to allow for new foundations to manifest. In addressing and confronting these histories – new details have been brought to the surface. Through process-driven, research- based practices, space has been created for the continual shift of parameters between perception and realization through a range of disciplines.

Ricker’s work illuminates and confronts societal gaze centering on themes of ostracism and personal loss; manifesting within performative movement and installation. Furnari’s works depict the survival of the technological memory in relation to human life and the reconstruction of the lived and imaginary. Hall’s research is a process-led investigation into trauma and modes of recovery presented through text, drawing, and installation. De Vos’ photographic works reflect upon the concept of time and the physical/emotional weight it carries.

Performance, works installed, and artists present.

30 NOV 2017: 5-9pm – Opening Reception | Performance | Works Installed
01 DEC 2017: 12-6pm – Gallery
02 DEC 2017: 12-6pm – Gallery
03 DEC 2017: 12-6pm – Gallery



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